My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

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My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

There is no genuine happiness like doing something “you” have always wanted to do. This month to add another adventure to my list of “First-time adventures to try before I am 30”, I went rock climbing in Nairobi. Another activity that involves my biggest fear, height. Last month on my trip to “Malindi”, I nearly peed my pants on a kids’ Merry-go-round. But to my surprise, at rock climbing, I had with me the best instructor who did not only make me conquer my fear but inspired me to have a different perspective on my goals and on life.

My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

I honestly had one of the best instructors. Patient, motivating and very kind. The first 2 times climbing up, I couldn’t get halfway to the obstacle. He kept assuring me that my fear of height is just in my head and I need to focus on conquering it and not give it my attention, whatever happens, he got me on the other end of the rope.

I had to breath in and breath out, take in his advice, not focus on getting all the way up but focus on simply reaching the next step. And before I knew it, I was climbing with a camera in my hand and taking pictures from above.

My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”  Mandy HaleThe Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

I am a 5ft tall, 45kg girl with big dreams, the reason to why it is so important for me to embark on this journey of “First-time adventures to try before I am 30” is also to transform into a brand new woman by, doing things I fear, doing things I don’t know or do not like. If you follow me on LinkedIn or on Instagram, my description is “superwoman”. I want nothing more than to become that woman.

My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

This is how powerful I felt after I went all the way up for the first time. I was so overwhelmed I just let myself go and felt the change within me. Relived the moment for a few seconds and went back up to have the time of my life.

Life lesson from a 24-year-old: Do something for the first time, do something you fear. There is truly no greater satisfaction than achieving something you thought you couldn’t.

My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

The view from up was amazing, if you look closely at the picture below, you can see mountains at the far end. The sun slightly blurred it out.

My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

Remember to have fun as you grow “young” and most importantly do it with the people you love.

The older you are, the younger you should feel. Thank you Palma!


My first time: Rock climbing in Nairobi

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  1. Great job girl!! I went for rock climbing recently too and blogged it. It was amazeballs. You realize how hard it actually is right? Proper work out session. I did the indoor one at Diamond Plaza. This looks pretty awesome I’ll show my girlfriends this post. Gor Girl!

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