I deeply believe that the day I was born is my lucky day. The idea of blogging was a birthday goal 5 years ago, so far it has given me employment in the past and so much more. I started a business on my birthday and it has been a blessing.

So this year, I have a new goal and a very simple one, “To travel the world and to try as many new things as I can and collect lifelong memories along the way before I am 30” and of course I had to start on my birthday to ensure that the next 6 years are amazing. So this is how I spent my birthday in Malindi.

Malindi rshanphonsi

Also known as the “Italian town” of Kenya. Malindi is only 1hour away from Nairobi by flight and I recommend “FlySax” if you love a good bargain and willing to spend no more than $100 on a return flight ticket. Located in South-Eastern Kenya, it’s surrounded by beaches, hotels and relaxing resorts. The best part is that the town is 90% Italian themed with a touch of Kenyan and African culture.

I had so much Italian food I feel qualified to talk about Italian cuisine. We visited a very nice Italian restaurant and met the nicest waitress. Also, people in Malindi are very nice, they will go the extra mile to help and they do it so easily, full of humanity and sincerity. I think I came back a nicer person.

As hot as the chicken in the Biryani local food, was the sun. I to went Malindi a different shade and came back a different shade. It was all worth it. From the hot white beautiful sand to a beach full of glitter, yes, we went to a beach full of glitter, I called it “The fabulous side of the beach”.

I have never felt so old and so young at the same time. If anyone had told me earlier that 24 feels this good, I would have skipped many birthdays. For the first time in my life, I went on a Merry-go-round to a “Kid’s park”, I am dead-afraid-of-heights. There is no picture because I almost peed my pants and kept shaking for about 5 minutes. But after all, I did it, I saw my life flash before my eyes but “I did it”.

Hi, my name is Maryanne Wanjiku!

On the way to the Marine Park in Watamu Bay I did not have my passport with me and it’s $17 for internationals and less than 2$ for Kenyans. So, “cheap-old-me-phonsi” was baptized “Maryanne Wanjiku” and I was taught Kikuyu on the spot. Certainly one of my best decisions after,

“I vowed to try out a new adventure every single month for the next 6 years.”

If you are thinking of traveling to Malindi, do not forget sunscreen and a blowdryer if you have a weave on. Salted water and chlorine water will not be friendly to your hair. I looked like Simba from the Lion King the whole time.

The descent and take off from or to Malindi is breathtaking. Breath in, Breath out and enjoy the view.

I am grateful to have been alive to experience these wonders and I am excited about more adventurous. In fact, if you want to try something new and need a “buddy”, hit me up. Let’s create memories.