99 blogging problems

99 blogging problems. Rshanphonsi Blog

Before we discuss this “universal” blogging problem, first, let’s list a few of my failures:

My first attempt at running an online clothing store, I failed after 2 weeks.

My second attempt at running an online clothing store, I failed after my first sale, I couldn’t keep up.

My third attempt at owning an online clothing store, I failed terribly within the first week and gave away all my stock! Even paying for “Facebook ads” and hiring a personal assistant did not earn me a single dollar.

My first attempt at being a show-host, I hated it and of course failed, I am too real for those plastic moods.

My first attempt at acting on screen, I didn’t even bother to go and collect my pay. 1 Reason! I suck at acting so my roles were “walking around, smiling at a random dude, looking pretty and sipping on wine (This I loved)”, so there goes another failure.

Though all those failures, I have learned one thing. Love makes the world go round.

I have been blogging since 2013  and the only thing I can’t seem to give up on, no matter how many times I fail, is this! It’s not about the returns, I enjoy this, having an escape to create my own little world, store my own memories. I must admit, at some point the pressure got to me. People’s expectations drove my love for blogging. I had to put a stop to it, check out and revalue why I do this.

I recently watched “This is ess” video on why she quit blogging. When a hobby becomes more of a job, you start to resent certain aspects of it. Back when blogging was hype, it was bomb to earn from it, I moved back home (To Congo), had my 15 minutes of fame, did my thing, cashed etc… But I lost myself in the process and needed to retire.

So I am back, to do it the way I started in 2013. All about me!

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