First I would like to apologize for the silence but I have great news. 4 weeks ago my camera broke and that is why i haven’t been able to post DIYs but, guess what, I worked out a tutorial post for today, so that is the good news, and the great news is that, I finally have my own photography equipments.DIYs back this Saturday. Well, while playing dressup with the off-shoulder top, I discovered 5 ways to wear your off-shoulder top. Remember that you can make your own high-bare shoulder has no sewing skills..  D.I.Y – OFF SHOULDER SHIRT. Here are, 5 ways to wear the off-shoulder top.
STYLE 1: This is the simple and basic way of wearing an off shoulder top, grenat for work and conservative environnement.
STYLE 2: This second style takes you from conservative to sexy with just one shoulder out. Tuck in the other shoulder properly, you can just let it hang in your top or nicely hook it to your bra.
STYLE 3: This third look is the most versatile, depending on what you are wearing at the top, this style can be simple or sexy.
STYLE 4: Simplicity at its best.
STYLE 5: This is actually what I wore today, the day was sunny and this is what I wore.
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