Hey my loves! You can’t begin to imagine how much I missed you. It’s been 7 days and I haven’t posted anything. I miss you guys so much! It’s just a few days to Valentine’s and I have a little present. 😉 They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; well I believe, jewelries are a girl’s must haves. Now imagine if you could make your own customized neckpieces. Not only does it sound cheap but extremely fun too. Before we start, let me update you all on what I have been up to. What I love the most, thinking of the coolest D.I.Ys for the next few weeks, and I promise you they are going to be “THE BOMB”, make sure you follow up so you don’t miss anything. I will see you guys back here on Tuesday for a little surprise.

First of all let me just say that, I have never celebrated valentine’s ever, but this year, I will, with you guys. If you have no valentine this February, I got you. Let’s treat ourselves like queens and princesses. They say if you don’t love yourself, nobody will, it all starts with you, and I learned it the hard way, never really loved myself until I was 18. So for this weekend’s post we gift ourselves stylish neckpieces. Let’s get started. Honestly speaking, sometimes I just feel like skipping the introduction and just getting right to business, sometimes it gets that much exciting. Anyway, let’s do this! Happy valentine’s everyone!

         Chains (Golden, silver is preferable. A meter or 2 )
         Earring hoops / Fabric ( depends on your taste)
The reason I even included old necklace in the picture, a zip and all other things is just to give you guys an idea of how you can turn nothing into something. I hardly throw away anything that I can think I can make something with. Such as, bows, jewelries on clothing, studs, charms, brushes, coins, buttons… etc!
The chains you can purchase a meter for 60Ksh and 2 meters for 120Ksh. I got 3 meters because I had too many ideas in mind; I needed a bit more than that. I got the earring hoops from old earrings I don’t wear anymore, and the fabric from a piece of gitengue I have. I made the hoops about a year ago when I didn’t have a blog yet, and with the same material, I made a few bow ties and bracelets.

STEP 1: Have 3 short pieces of chains, the one that goes around your neck should be longer and the collars about half that size.

STEP 2: Open the chains and link them together, you can do this with your bare hands by twisting the chain. I used pliers. You can add a little vintage feel to it, or anything else you think will look nice. Such as a zip to give it a vintage. Do not forget to put it around your neck for measuring and also when attaching the other two parts, do measure.


You are done with your first design. I chose not to add anything to mine, you can also do the same.
STEP 1: This is a very straight forward tutorial. We are going to need a small piece of material, any material, preferably African material and you can get that from a tailor for free, you don’t have to spend money. You will also need earrings… hoops preferably; I used old earrings that I no longer wear. Link all the hoops together using the chain and that is all.
Please do note that, I don’t have any pictures for the hoops tutorial because I actually did the hoops last year and put it away where I usually keep all my craft junk. Yes junk! It’s like a lot of nothing but only I know the value of everything.

STEP 1: This is the easiest of them all. Braid the chains together then link it to the neck chain and that is all you have to do. I can be lazy sometimes, so I decided to put the full necklace together before braiding and thought that just twisting it would do. Well… I was wrong, I wasted 10 minutes, untwisting and trying to make it work. Sometimes the fastest way is not always the easiest way.

You can do all three in about 30 minutes. I love all 3 of them. But my favorite is definitely the Peter Pan collar neck piece. I just love everything about it. It’s different and very unique. Please don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite; number 1, 2 or 3? Comment below :-*

See you guys on Tuesday! Feels good to be back

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